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The APF Storage Lockup is the Police's evidence locker for Counterfeit Cash. This major is high risk/high reward due to its location. Physical features also make it hard to hold and hard to push. As it's a major crime there will be a large amount of Police that will show up with all their best gear and equipment. There does need to be 10 Police online to trigger the APF, this means that you will need to arm yourself and your friends with your best gear to protect yourselves from the Police to win this major.

  • First of all, you will need to bring your cargo helicopters or trucks to the helipad or the boardwalks in order to load the counterfeit cash into them for transport, as the cash weighs a lot. We recommend HEMTT's or Huron's for this!
  • Next, you and your gang will have to make your way inside the ship to access the vault room right at the back, break into the protective fence with your Bolt Cutter's then into the vault room itself.
  • Once inside the vault room, you will need to place your Code Cracker onto the vault to start the timer and get into the Counterfeit Cash. Keep in mind that you will need to negotiate with the police as you're doing this, as ignoring them will lead to them calling off negotiations and storming the ship (Your best bet is getting a few hostages to bargain with).
  • Once the code-cracker has gone off you will gain entrance to the vaults Counterfeit Cash, start putting this into your backpacks, and fill your trucks/helicopters up! Drive/fly your trucks/helicopters out of the compound and store it in a house, warehouse or take it straight to the Money Launderer to sell! The dodgy dealer talent point can give you up to 25% extra value when selling each counterfeit cash making for a much bigger profit!

Tools & Equipment

Required: Bolt Cutter, Code Cracker
Recommended: Weapons, Armoured Cars or Aircraft to escape

APF Image Guide