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A51 is a major crime for rebels to break into to obtain valuable blueprints to either sell or create rare in-game items. This major is a high priority for the police and there will be a large response for it, so make sure that you bring some friends along to help you in the fight, or you can bring your trusty roleplay document with you to make the alow you access to the vault.

  • First of all, you will need to bring your method of transportation to get the blueprints out of there. We would recommend a few Ifrits to assist in getting away, however, they aren't necessary.
  • Take out your Bolt Cutters that you got from the rebel outpost and start breaking into the first door. Be aware that the police will start turning up.
  • After you have entered the first door you have 2 options, either you can start breaking into the vault to get to the blueprints faster, or you can start breaking into security(a nifty room that once disabled will unlock all the doors)
  • Once you have gained entrance to the vault room you can place the blasting charge. (Timer of 5 minutes) After this goes off you will be able to get into the vault and take the valuable blueprint packs.
  • After the firefight is won you will be able to load your loot into your vehicles and store it in a house/Wearhouse, or take it straight to the black market trader and sell for a high price.

Alternatively, you can take the blueprint to the respective manufactures depending on the blueprint being of a weapon or vehicle. Creating these vehicles/weapons does not require any resources and can be taken to make vehicles/weapons at your nearest convenience.

Tools & Equipment

Required: Bolt Cutter, Blasting Charge

Recommended: Weapons,and Armoured Carsto escape


1. Blueprint Packs are not permitted to be flown away in helicopters
2. Once the Blasting charge has been placed on the vault it is then Kill on sight between Police and all armed rebels in the area once the negotiator has initiated and left the compound