Bank of Altis

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Bank of Altis Overview

The bank of Altis is found in Agios, which is located north east of Kavala.
If you wish to rob the bank you will need to arrive equipped with a weapon and a bolt cutter (You can buy the bolt cutter from the rebel markets for £10,000). You will then use your bolt cutter on the upstairs door, once you do this the police will be alarmed and will be with you within a short matter of time.
We advise you take some hostages to bring to the bank, this will help when it comes to the police arriving. If you're out-numbered atleast you'll be able to make some money for the hostages life. *Remember please take the hostages by roleplaying and initiating properly*
Once you have used the bolt cutter and broken through the upstairs door you will arrive to a crate of cash. If you scroll wheel on this you will be given the option to 'gather cash'. Do this and wait till 100% completion. Once you have done this you will have the money and it is now your chance to escape or bargain with the police to let you go. Roleplay/fight well enough and you'll get away. *Beware, you will have a warrant for breaking into the bank and you will become wanted. Do this at your own risk*

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