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A cartel is the red circle that spawns at a random location, it can be in either the red-zone or in the normal area of the map. When the server starts there will be no cartel but ten minutes in it will spawn and remain there until it is captured.

Capturing The Cartel

If you are armed with something other than a pistol (only geared players here) and are within the darker red area of the circle then it means that the zone will begin to be captured by your gang. If the previous occupants have half-captured it then you will need to remain there while their percent capture goes down to zero before your gang can begin to control the area. When the bar at the bottom of the screen gets to 100% the cartel disappears and the gang base is yours!


The Rewards

This gives you access to the gang base that is just underneath HM Prison. There is a car shop, helicopter shop and rebel shop there. They also act as a spawn point which means that if you’re unlucky enough to die then you can always get your loadout back quickly and at a significantly lower price. The other rewards that you get for owning this base are:

  1. 40k pay check every 15 minutes
  2. 10% Cheaper vehicles, weapons and clothes
  3. 5% of the money people spend on vehicles goes into gang funds. 10% on half price
  4. 5% of the money people spend on weapons goes into gang funds. 10% on half price
  5. 5% of the money people get from selling virtual items goes into gang funds. 10% on half price

The only catch to this is that fifteen minutes after the cartel is captured a new one will spawn and if you want to keep the gang base then you will need to fight and capture the new cartel for it

The Locations of the Cartels: