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The HM Treasury is the gold storage of Altis. This major crime is a medium risk/high reward as the Military style compound makes it easy to hold and hard to push. As it's a major crime there will be a large amount cops that will show up with all their best gear. (there need to be 10 cops online to trigger the HM) This means that you will need to arm yourself and your friends with your best gear to protect yourselves from the police to win this major.

  • You will first of all need to bring your Trucks to the HM vault room to prepare for loading the gold, then using your Bolt Cutters break into the first door.
  • After you have broken down the first door make your way to the Vault room door and breakthrough, then place your blasting charge onto the vault to start the timer and get to the gold. (This will take 5 minutes)
  • Keep in mind that you will need to negotiate with the police as your doing this as ignoring them will lead to them calling off negotiations and storming the compound (your best bet is getting a few hostages to bargain with)
  • Once the charge has gone off you will gain entrance to the vaults gold, start putting this into your backpacks, and fill your trucks up!
  • Drive your trucks out of the compound and store it in a house/Warehouse or take it straight to the gold trader to sell, make sure that the gang member with the highest gold trader skill sells the gold for the best reward.

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