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War Supplies Overview

War Supplies is an advanced shop where you can purchase better weapons and vehicles.
You do this by exchanging "Dog Tags" these are earned through kills (More on that below). Unlike rebel shops, these can provide weapons such as Mk200s and even 7.62 suppressors.

Dog Tags

Dog tags are the currency of the war supply shop normal money won't work. in order to earn dog tags, you need to get kills at either OG or in at a warzone point.
You will gain 1 point per kill, however, if the warzone spawns at OG and you get kills at the OG point you will earn 2 dog tags per kill as they stack.
Super caps do not increase the number of dog tags per kill.
You will know when you have gained a point as you will have an alert as seen below.

Point gained.png

Supply Shops

So you have got your points now you want to spend them. In order to exchange your points for items, you will need to head down to either an advanced rebel outpost
(North, northeast, north pen, south-west)
or head up towards Syrta where you will find the War Supplies Shop.

War supplies.jpg


There is a big variety of weapons and vehicles that you can purchase from the Supplies shop
Here you can see what there is on offer and their prices.

1.png 2.png War Shop 3.png